21.5″Full HD 1000nits IP65lndustrial Monitor K215NT

Model: 21.5″Full HD 1000nits IP65 lndustrial Monitor K215NT

The monitor comes with a 10-point touch screen and 1000nits high brightness screen panel .The interfaces support

a wide range of customisation options in addition to the existing typessuch as HDMI,VGA,AV,etc . lts IP65 front panel

design is a great convenience for installationmethods and applications.

21.5'' Industrial Monitor K215NT | Neway

1000 nits & 10-PointCapacitive Touch

Selection of high-qualty industal-grade screen on the market whichnot only has prominent or represenation but also high brightnessof

1000 nits screen makes it suitable for outdoor sunlight environment.

Rich Interfaces

ln addition to the interfaces shown , the engineers have creatively reserved a number ofexpansion ports on the mainboard that can be

uniquely customized for different requests. The readily replaceable sheet metal also provides a great deal of ease in modifying the interfaces.

21.5'' Industrial Monitor K215NT | Neway

IP65 Rating Screen Panel

The front panel is designed to carry lP65 degree of protection which offer complete protectionagainst particles , and a good level of

protection against water , up to water projected by a nozzle against front panel from any direction.

21.5'' Industrial Monitor K215NT | Neway

Metal Housing

The aluminium case , with its fine workmanship andclose fit with the screen,achieves front panel IP65.

Input Voltage 12-24V

Wide range of input voltages , which is a chdifferent application environments.

21.5'' Industrial Monitor K215NT | Neway

21.5'' Industrial Monitor K215NT | Neway

Industrial HMI Applications

Due to increasingly developed world of industrial automation, HMls are used in a wide range of applications. Asthe controlling and

monitoring core of automated processes, stability, efficiency and environmental adaptabilityare particularly important.Therefore,

it is adapted to different scenarios.

21.5'' Industrial Monitor K215NT | Neway