7 inch 1800cd/m2 High Brightness 4K HDMI 3G SDI Camera Monitor

Model CT770H: 7 inch 1800cd/m2 Ultra brightness monitor with HDMI in and out

Model CT770S: 7 inch 1800cd/m2 Ultra brightness monitor with HDMI/SDI in and out



1800nit Ultra-Bright
Featuring an amazing 1800nit Ultra Bright LCD screen, with the sun readability therefore the gear suitable for any innovative outdoor framing. Mounted on top of the camera, to make it the Brightnest Scenery


Ultimate Color Visibility
A precision camera monitor designed for the film and video shooting on any type of camera. Providing the superior picture quality.


4K HDMI supports up to 4096×2160 24p and 3840×2160 30p; SDI supports 3G-SDI signal.
HDMI/3G-SDI signal can loop output to the other monitor or device when HDMI/3G-SDI signal input to monitor





When HDR is activated, the display reproduces a greater dynamic range of luminosity, allowing lighter and darker details to be displayed more clearly. Effectively enhancing the overall picture quality. Supports ST2084 300/ST2084 1000/ST2084 10000/HLG.



3D-LUT is a table for quickly looking up and output specific color data. By loading different 3D-LUT tables,
it can quickly recombine color tone to form different color styles.
Rec.709 color space with built-in 3D-LUT, featuring 8 default logs and 6 user logs.



Camera Auxiliary Function

Provides plenty of anxiliary functions for taking photos and making movies, such as peaking, false color and audio level meter


Alternate batteries

The ultra brightness display must be accompanied by higher power consumption.
And a single power source always brings annoyance of interrupted operation.
Dual battery plate design let the creative time has the possibility of infinite extension.CT770HO-DM_15


F1&F2 (avaiable to the model without SDI) user-definable buttons to custom auxiliary functions as shortcut, such as peaking, underscan and check field. Use direction keys to select and adjust the value among of sharpness, saturation, tint and volume, etc

Hot Shoe Mounting

With 1/4 inch screw ports on the four sides of monitor, it can be fitted with a mini hot shoe which allows the shooting and viewing angles to be adjusted and rotated more flexibly