Android All-in-one PC 7 inch N701


* 10 points Multi-touch capacitive screen
* 7” IPS panel 1280×800 physical resolution
* Aluminum alloy shell
* 9-36V wide power voltage
* USB host 2.0×2, USB device 2.0×1
* RS232×4 / RS232×3+RS485×1 / RS232×2+RS422×1+RS485×1
* Gpio input×4, Gpio output×6
* 75mm VESA mounting way
* HDMI 1.4 out supports up to 720p


Optional function
* Power Over Ethernet (POE) which pass electrical power and data on Ethernet cabling LAN-2
* WIFI supports 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4GHZ
* Bluetooth 4.0 supports 2402MHz~2480MHz
* 3G/4G versions support different bands.
  Version 1-China/India
  Version 2-EMEA/South America
  Version 3-North America
  Data transmission: LTE, DC-HSPA+, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, EDGE&GPRS



Model N701: uses NXP i.MX6DualLite  800MHz Processor which is based on ARM Cortex A9 800MHz,
1G RAM and 8G eMMC, support Android 5.1.1, Linux Debian 8.0, WinCE 7.0. 

Model N702: uses Intel Atom Z8350 1.44GHz processor which is based on X86 architechture, Windows 10 32bit,
2G LPDDR3 RAM and 32G ROM runs great on the reliable industrial level Intel Core CPU.





IOIO1 port connects with the included DB9 to RS232 cable to extend as three-way RS232 interfaces.



IOIO2 port connects with the optional DB9 to RS232/RS485 cable to extend as RS232, RS422 and RS485 three-way communication interfaces.

Note: RS422 and RS232(2) are not available simultaneously, as well as RS485 and RS232(3).It is an alternative option because of using the same way.


The port compatible with both GPIO and 2xCAN BUS interfaces (only for N701)

GPIO supports 4-input(2/4/6/8) and 6-output(1/3/5/7/10/12).
CAN1-L (18), CAN1-H (20), CAN2-L (17), CAN2-H (19)


LAN Port1:  100M Ethernet 
LAN Port2:  100M Ethernet, PoE for optional.
Note: If one LAN port for intranet, the other LAN port for internet.  Both of them need to be customized under Android OS (N701)
Only LAN port1 is available when the both LAN ports are using simultaneously under Android OS (N701)


 Mounting size & process

  * VESA 75mm mounts

  * Standard mounts

  * VESA 75mm rail slot mounts



Rich resource working with Android, Windows CE or Linux OS to apply in different fields. Eg. Fleet management, large warehouse management, agricultrue & construction vehicle, manufacturing, retail, portable medical device, Human-machine interface, intelligent industrial control system, electric power industry, catering and entertainment, port terminal, container freight etc.