AVMATRIX VS0605 6CH SDI/HDMI Multi-format Video Switcher with Recorder

AVMATRIX VS0605 6 Channel Portable Video Switcher Mixer with Recorder

1) 6 channel inputs: 4×SDI and 2×DVI-I/HDMI/VGA/USB
2) 3×SDI PGM out(1×AUX), 2×HDMI PGM & 1×HDMI multiview out
3) Input format auto-detected and PGM/AUX output format selectable
4) T-Bar/AUTO/CUT transitions and MIX/ FADE/ WIPE effects
5) Luma Key/ Chroma Key for virtual studio
6) PIP/POP window size and position adjustable
7) Record PGM video to SD card, up to 1080p60
8) Audio mixer: XLR/ RCA udio & SDI, HDMI embedded audio
9) Tally port for multiple camera system
10) Remote PTZ camera control


* Multiview Monitoring

Multiview output make it easy to monitor 6 channels sources as well as PVW and PGM simultaneously on one display. Besides, a real time clock and menu list are located in the lower right corner of the multiview.


* Multi-format & Scaler

6 different SD and HD format video sources can be detected and displayed at the same time. And the PGM output can be up/down scaled including 1080i and 1080p.



To insert a second picture into/outside the main picture. Simply adjust its size and postion, then push program.


* Chroma/Luma Key

Support real-time background matting, user can use Chroma key to cutout PVW green or blue background. And use the Luma Key to cutout black background.


* Transition Effects

Transtion between PVW and PGM with WIPE / MIX / FADE effect through T-Bar & AUTO. And there are 3 transition rates for AUTO transition.


* Audio Mixer

A built-in audio mixer can mix 2 external stereo XLR & RCA audio and 6 channels of embedded audio. It’s easy to control 3 stereo channels individually through the faders and corresponding buttons.


* SD Card Recarding

No external recorder needed, because the switcher has a built-in SD card slot for PGM recording. It’s simple to have an immediate high quality (up to FHD 1080P 60hz) recording of the event from this switcher.


* USB Media Players

The channel 5 and 6 support different signals such as USB media player, USB media player supports video and images.

* PTZ Camera ControlPVS0605-4

With PTZ control feature, two cameras’ pan, tilt, zoom function can be controlled by a joystick and buttons through RS422 / RS485 port. Setting the cameras’ address and select VISCA & PELCO D/P protocols from menu.



Widespread Application

The portable 6 channel video switcher can be widely used in various field events, such as live sports, virtual studio, Education, internet, concert, and so on.PVS0605-5

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