Manufacturer of Wall Mount Touch Screen All In One - Field LCD Touch Monitor 9.7 inch CL9701NT – Neway

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* CL9701 series is a 9.7 inch IPS LCD monitor with touch screen

* CL9701 series use a high quality new LCD Panel,with 1024×768 resolution, 420cd/m2 high brightness and 160°/174°(H/V) wide angle,which can display clear images.

* It uses LED backlight,which has advantage like Energy-Saving, Long life and  environmental protection.


Abundant Interfaces 
CL9701 series has HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, Audio(1 RCA)&Video (2 RCA) input which can support many devices like PC, DVR, Camera, DVD,HD Video Player and so on. 
* On HDMI Mode,using under scan function,it is possible to display Full HD videos.
* Earphone Jack 
* Mini USB (Just For Touch Model, CL9701N/CL9701BN does not have) 



Customized SKS Cable
One Side: 
* Customized 14 Pin SKS terminal
* 2 RCA Video terminal (Yellow)
The other side:
* VGA terminal
* 1 RCA Audio terminal
* 1 DC input



Hidden Bracket

Hidden Design & Space Saving. 

It is convenient to make monitor stand alone.

* CL9701N/ CL9701NT has hidden bracket.



Optional VESA 75mm Bracket

Stable Bracket, Connect via VESA 75mm

Wall Mount Possible

Multi-Angle Adjustable  

* CL9701BN/ CL9701BNT has hidden bracket.


With convenience, safety, space-saving feature, this product employs new integrate circuits and high quality LCD Screen. Its advantage is low power consumption, emits no radiation, etc. This product is shaped with modern style and is easy to be carried with. Usually best for VGA, VCD, DVD and GPS system for motorcars and ships. It also can be used in the office, in flat, at home, ATM, Automation, Gaming, Kiosk, Transportation, Military, Oil Gas & Energy, Retail. You will certainly benefit from this monitor in lots of ways, to some of them: .