Mini PC NT5

NT5: 4 Ethernet Ports Barebone Linux Ubuntu X86 Industrial Fanless Mini PC

The industrial control machine is a computer designed for the industrial site, which can ensure the stability of the work for a long time in the bad environment.

* CPU: Celeron J1900 ( Core i3/i5/i7 optional )
* RAM: 2G DDR3 (Maximum support for 8GB optional )
* Storage: 32G SSD (Optional 64G / 128G / 256G / 512G SSD; 500G / 1T HDD mechanical hard disk)
* Support Industry Standard Software, compatible with Win7810 and Linux
* Enclosed dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, electromagnetic compatibility and high anti-interference ability.
* Fanless design, aluminum alloy materials provide good heat dissipation
* Noiseless, Silent use is more reassuring
* Working temperature is -20~65°, working by 365*24H with all-weather.

Product Interface:1

Interfaces design:
6*COM ports, default RS232, if you want RS485/422 please contact online customer service.
Audio output/input, power switch, ground connection.
4* USB 2.0, WIFI.

Mainboard Details:
Standard celeron J1900 chips, multi-tasking running smoothly. Core i3/i5/i7 optional 

Enclosed Dust-proof:
Anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, electromagnetic compatibility and high anti-interference ability.
Fully enclosed, aluminum alloy materials provide good heat dissipation.2

Boot through the BIOS management Settings3

Fast Network Connecting: wireless & wired Gigabit LAN4

Expanded display for multi-task: VGA+HDMI can be dual displayed or displayed sepeartely


Strong suitable with environment (temperature/humidity): Cold, hot, humid, outdoor, voltage instability


Product Dimension:


Mount Bracket support Wall Mount, Rack Mount, Embedded methods…fixed on platform, wall and device etc, IPC is flexible to save space with easy and fast mounting.


Industrial Solution, Industry Processing Control, Assemble Line Equipment Control Entertainment, Public Environment, Financial Institution, Medical Solution, Commercial Solution, Signage Solution and other solutions etc.