Mobile Data Terminal Tablet PC 7 inch N776

Model N776: 7” IP64 In-Cab Taxi Android Rugged Tablet. Support ELD system.

Inbuilt Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, 4G, Battery, NFC, Camera(front and rear)

- 7inch 1280×800 IPS, PCAP touch screen.

- Powerful Qualcomm Quad core Processor

- One Cable Extend Connection(GPIO/ACC/RS232x2)

- Customized Hardware & Software Available

- With standard professional interface: OBD-II/J1939 for different kinds of vehicles.



3r tablet VT-7 3r tablet VT-7 3r tablet VT-7

reliable tablet


3r tablet VT-7


Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) which can be applied in Automobile Multimedia System (AMS). AMS offers functions of multimedia, advertisement display, GPS navigation, wireless internet, car reverse display and car assist control. It includes seven modules – multimedia play, geographic information system (GIS), wireless communication, radio, car signal acquisition and alarm, data acquisition and display control.3R tablet VT-7