New Generation Android All-in-one IP65 PC 7 -21.5 inch

* Fashionable and stylish deign, aluminum alloy material, 10mm thickness for front panel. True flat IP65 from water and dust for the whole panel PC.

* With heat dissipation design, lower power consumption, our forth generation panel pc is widely used in application like industry control, military, communication, electric power.

* With professional maintenance software, it allows rich API interface.


Size optional:
7 inch (1024×600 resolution)                                         8 inch (1024×768 resolution)
10.1 inch (1280×800 resolution)                                   10.4 inch (1024×768 resolution)
11.6 inch (1920×1080 resolution)                                  12 inch (1024×768 resolution)
15 inch (1024×768 resolution)                                       15.6 inch (1920×1080 resolution)
17 inch (1280×1024 resolution)                                     17.3 inch (1920×1080 resolution)
19 inch (1280×1024 resolution)                                     19.1 inch (1440×900 resolution)
21.5 inch (1920×1080 resolution)

Touch optional: Non-touch / Capacitive touch

Color optional: Silver (standard) / black (optional)


1.Motherboard upgrade
Standard: A64 cortex-A53 Quad core (Android 6.0)
Optional: RK3399 cortex-A72 Dual-core + Cortex-A53 Quad core (Android 7.1)

2. Screen Customization
* High-light screen: can customize ≤1500cd/m2
* Photosensitive head: customize the screen brightness automatically based on ambient light.
* All perspective: standard 160°, 178° WVA customized.
* Screen size: support to customized screen
* Others: explosion-proof, Anti glare, dust-proof, waterproof, electromagnetic screen



3. Other Customization
* Appearance customization: support appearance design, sample customization
* Working Temp: standard -10℃~60℃, can customize -30℃~80℃
* Logo customization: Support to add boot-up logo or silk screen logo
* I/O ports: support to add more according to demands
* Configure customization: CPU chosen, RAM, SSD according to your demands.
* Wide voltage: 12-24V
* IP grade: can be customized fully- sealed dustproof and waterproof

4. Interface of 10.1 inch to 15 inch


5. Interface of 17 inch to 21.5 inch


6. Module customization:

NFC card reader                           RFID reader                                   Fingerprint reader

GPS module                                  Built-in Camera                            Magnetic card reader

3G/4G module                             Built-in Microphone                     Infrared sensor


7. Installation:

Support wall-mount or Desktop installation (if you need the desktop bracket, pls tell sales.)

4th Gen Android PC-Square Screen-V1.1

8. Application:  Transportation system, Industrial automation device (industrial control system, numercial control, production-manufacturing), Commercial self-service equipment (food self-service, ), Public outdoor equipment, medical industry, Self-help office (self-service printing /appointment making)