Four precautions for choosing industrial monitors

Industrial monitors are displays used in industrial scenes. Unlike ordinary household displays, industrial displays have higher requirements for the use environment of the machine. In addition to the functions of general household displays, they also need to have the functions of dust prevention, moisture prevention, electromagnetic interference prevention, impact prevention, high and low temperature resistance. If it is a special industry, such as military industry, it also needs to have the functions of fire and explosion prevention to meet the application needs of enterprises.

After understanding the industrial monitors, including the related use environment requirements, we have a clearer understanding when purchasing an industrial monitors. In addition to paying attention to the basic performance requirements for environmental usage, we also need to pay attention to the following questions when purchasing an industrial monitors. Let’s share with you the following points.

1. The specifications and models should be selected with strong applicability

Compared with the general products with affordable price, the touch screen of the international first-line brand industrial display is not so widely applicable. Generally, it can only be used for products of the same brand, and even products of different series of the same brand cannot be used in general. It is also not applicable to other brands of industrial touch screen equipment, so we try to choose display equipment with strong adaptability. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the industrial display has the relevant qualification certification at home and abroad. You can try the product or find professionals and equipment to test the key performance.

2. The display screen should be selected with high transparency

The screen transparency of an industrial monitor directly affects the visual effects used. Usually, the transparency refers to the average transparency in the picture. Naturally, the higher the better.

3. The less reflective the monitor screen, the better

Due to specular reflection, the image will overlap the light and shadow behind it, such as human shadows, windows, lights, etc. Reflection is a negative effect encountered in the use of industrial displays. The smaller the better, it will have a certain impact on the user’s browsing speed. The touch screen belongs to the absolute coordinate system, which directly selects the point from the screen, which is fundamentally different from the relative positioning system such as the mouse, and has the intuitiveness in one place.

4. The touch function of the display screen requires high reliability and stability

No matter what the positioning coordinates of the touch screen are, the output data of the same point has sufficient stability. If it is unstable, the touch screen cannot guarantee accurate positioning. Inaccurate contact points, this is the most feared problem of industrial touch screens. Inductive touch selection and correct positioning are realized by sensors in different parts, and even some industrial touch screens themselves have a complete set of sensors. The positioning principle of different products and the sensing technology used determine the response speed, reliability, stability and service life of the industrial touch screen.