The association of industrial display and human -machine interface

Industrial displays have been widely used in industries and fields such as intelligent manufacturing, automated production lines, artificial intelligence, smart cities, and smart medical care, which has played a great role in promoting the development of economic and social development.

Industrial display can see it everywhere in economic and social life. A good display should be a very reasonable equipment for the design and structure composition of the human -machine interface. The human -machine interface layout of industrial display should be designed according to ergonomics, which requires simple, balanced and consistent. So what is the layout and structure of the industrial display interface?

Firstly, we must know how the human -machine interface layout design and structure composition of the industrial display, we need to understand what the composition of the display interface of the industrial display is like.

1. Process interface. The process interface contains the detailed information of the specified process part and shows that the device object belongs to the process, which shows the object corresponding to the alarm.

2. Detailed interface. Detailed interface provides information about various device objects, such as controller, control valve, control motor, etc., and display messages, status and process values.

3. Overview interface. Overview interfaces should include information displayed by different system components in the system and how to make these system components work together.

Secondly, in general, the structure of the industrial display control interface is divided into three parts: the title menu part, graphic display and button part.

1. The selection of the title menu depends on multiple interface design. The interface can be designed as a cycle. If a large number of interfaces run, a reasonable structural system must be designed to open the interface. Choose a simple and permanent structure so that the operator can quickly learn how to open the interface.

2. When the industrial display is used, the amount of information processed by the user at one time is limited, and only one level on the screen is limited to the screen. Use the level button to control the bounce and hide the second button to prove the simplicity of the interface. When using a button to play the button at each level, other buttons of the same level will be hidden to make the logical relationship clearer.

3. According to the principle of consistency, the styles of all objects (such as windows, buttons, and menus) on the screen are consistent. The size of all levels of buttons, uneven effects, the size of the fonts and fonts are consistent, and the color of the buttons and the background color of the interface are consistent.