Thinner, more beautiful and more practical will become the development trend of future industrial tablet PC

The future development trend of industrial tablet computers has the following four characteristics:

1. More beautiful, thinner and more practical: First of all, in terms of appearance, thinner, more beautiful and more practical will become the development trend of industrial tablet computers in the future. For example, in terms of more aesthetics, with the wide application of industrial tablet computers in medical, retail and other fields, customers also add the color matching of the body and the use scene to the purchasing conditions, so manufacturers have added a humanized appearance to the design. The color and pure flat LCD display greatly improve the appearance of industrial tablet computers. The increasingly thin and light appearance design saves space and facilitates maintenance. At the same time, the sturdy and durable aluminum alloy casing and fanless compact design ensure the stable and reliable operation of the industrial panel PC.


2. Intelligent and humanized: In terms of performance, the continuous upgrading of the processing platform also drives the continuous improvement of the computing speed and graphics processing speed of industrial tablet computers. With the advancement of Industry 4.0, an endless stream of innovative applications is also testing the expansion performance of industrial tablet computers. Rich interfaces and excellent expansion capabilities are one of the necessary magic weapons for future industrial tablet computers to win. When standard products cannot meet the needs of users, personalized services emerge as the times require, saving users the time and cost of system configuration.

3. Curved displays and 4K resolutions: Continuing innovation in display technology will undoubtedly drive the development of industrial tablets as well. The cutting-edge technology in the field of display technology in the future will definitely be applied to industrial panel PC.

From the perspective of the development track of science and technology, curved surfaces are the general trend. The advantages of curved displays are as follows: one is an immersive experience, a slightly curved screen can provide a better surround look and a more in-depth viewing experience for users; the other is a wider viewing angle, a flat display of the same size , the curved screen will give people a larger feeling and a wider field of view. Of course, the industry’s doubts about curved displays are also very sharp. For example, curved displays have higher requirements for light and may require some additional lighting designs. The viewing angle of the curved display is relatively wide, and users need to adjust the position and height of their desks and chairs.

四代显示器 (12)

4K resolution is the pixel resolution of 4096×2160, which is 4 times the resolution of high-definition TV and belongs to ultra-high-definition resolution. At this resolution, users can see every detail in the picture, every close-up. However, due to the rapid development of display resolution, the related industry chain has not kept up, and 4K displays have not yet reached the level of popularization, and the application in the industrial field requires more time and technology development.

4.Make everything easier: simple installation, simple on-site maintenance, simple remote management and technical support. Making everything simpler can save more manpower, space and cost for users and ensure the interests of users. This is undoubtedly what the manufacturers of industrial panel PCs are pursuing, and it fundamentally promotes the development of industrial panel PC.