OEM Manufacturer 10 Inch Touch Screen Monitor - SKD Module 8 inch SKD80S – Neway

5 inch -22 inch Customization, Industrial Application
LCD Touch SKD Module for Industrial Control Application

Our SKD module seals LCD, touch screen, the hardware and software (driver), universal connection (USB or RS232) to PC and embedded system together. Industrial LCD Module are designed for commercial and industrial applications, such as arcade games, kiosks, ATM, aviation simulators, industrial equipment and instrumentation.

SKD80S is without touch function.

8 inch 1024×768 HDMI embedded touch LCD display.
* Touch: non touch
* Touch interface: USB (standard) / RS232 (optional)
* 1024×768 resolution, 350cd/m² brightness
* LED backlight, low power consumption
* With main PCB board and button control board


Our SKD modules are manufactured with steady performance and low power consumption.
They are mainly applied to various facilities.
Mainly Used in Closed-Circuit Surveillance Systems,
Car Video, Car navigation system,PC Operating Systems,
Vehicle Navigation Systems Supporting Display,
Can Also be Applied for Industrial Automation,
Industrial control system
Medical Machine Equipment
Electric Power
Instrumentation Display Systems.