Quality Inspection for 15 Inch Touch Screen Monitor - Field LCD Touch Monitor 7 inch CL70MT – Neway

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CL70MT is a 7 inch Capacitive Multi-Touch Monitor which support Windows 7 & 8, Android OS.
It has an integrated dustproof front panel, high quality LCD panel with 800×480 resolution, 800cd/m² brightness, LED Backlight.



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HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV Signal Support

HDMI Type A, HDCP optional.

Lux Auto Brightness (optional)
A light sensor designed to detect ambient lighting conditions adjusts the panel’s brightness automatically, which makes viewing more conveniently & saves more power.

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I/O control interface
The interface has functions such as connecting with reverse trigger line in car reversing system, and control computer host to switch on/off, etc. Functions also can be customized to meet different demands.

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VESA 75mm Mount & Stand alone Bracket
There has VESA 75 mm Mount holes (FPMPMI) On rear side of the monitor. So it can be used with wall mount arm which support VESA 75mm. Portable Bracket. It is convenient to adjust the monitor as 360-degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical.

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Image Flip Function & 4:3 Mode
CL70 Series has Image Flip(Horizontally & Vertically) function. It is convenient to watch the display even the monitor is reverted installation. Basic on different signal input or Practical purposes, you can change the display mode between 16:9 to 4:3.


With convenience, safety, space-saving feature, this product employs new integrate circuits and high quality LCD Screen. Its advantage is low power consumption, emits no radiation, etc. This product is shaped with modern style and is easy to be carried with. Usually best for VGA, VCD, DVD and GPS system for motorcars and ships. It also can be used in the office, in flat, at home, ATM, Automation, Gaming, Kiosk, Transportation, Military, Oil Gas & Energy, Retail. You will certainly benefit from this monitor in lots of ways, to some of them.

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