Temperature Turnstile Mask Facial Recognition Thermometer Dual Camera Access Control

Model NW80: Temperature Turnstile Mask Facial Recognition Thermometer Dual Camera Access Control

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Product introduction

Adopt the high-performance RK3288 Quad-Core, equip with industrial grade binocular camera, human face recognition technology, as well as infrared thermal imaging module.

It supports mask recognition, ID card reader. Can be applied to gate channel and access control attendance to achieve safe and efficient access control of personnel.


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Product Feature

* 8 inch IPS full view LCD display
* Industrial appearance, waterproof and dust-proof
* The industrial class wide dynamic binocular camera, infrared and led dual compensation at night are adopted.
* Strong performance. Quad-core RK3288 processor.u
* With human body temperature detection, temperature display, 1 -meter ultra far temperature detection, 0.2 ℃ error, and automatic temperature alarm, second level detection speed, real-time export of attendance temperature measurement data.


Product Function

* Prevent and control safe passage

Non-contact access control recognition with 1 meter distance.

* Temperature measurement fever alarm

Alarm the temperature line that exceeds the requirements for epidemic prevention and control.

* Dual security identification

Face + temperature double recognition, the access control can be opened only if it meets the requirements.

* Offline comparison

Face recognition and temperature measurement can also be performed when the network is offline.

* Millisecond recognition

Face recognition speed <300ms, temperature measurement speed <100ms

* Temperature error ±0.2℃

Facial recognition with visible light temperature monitoring with infrared detctor

* Massive face library

Support 3W face database. Extremely high face recognition rate, The speed of face recognition is less than 1 second.

* Turnstile wont open when detecting people having a fever.

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